Lymph and You

Keeping Your Lymph in check with massage

By Hippocrates Health Institute

What is lymph?

The human body is composed of many different types of fluid. One of the most fundamental parts of our body’s fluid is Lymph which is made up of white blood cells that support the immune system. Our lymph fluid helps lubricate our internal organs and, when flowing properly, acts as a ‘garbage disposal’ flushing out waste and keeping the bloodstream clean and our body healthy. Lymphatic fluid makes up roughly 70% of the body’s total fluid.

What is the lymphatic system? What does it do?

The lymphatic system is a network of fluid (similar to the blood system) in the body. This network, which is composed of lymph nodes, lymph fluid and immune cells, house and neutralize our toxins, lubricate our organs and flushes out waste.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

This is a specific and gentle massage aimed at opening up the lymph nodes throughout the body and gently placing pressure on the skin, following the lymphatic network of the body, promoting proper lymph drainage and detoxification.

How does it work?

The main technique is to apply pressure along vital lymph nodes, while gently stroking the skin to manually ‘move’ congested lymph fluid towards the body’s main draining sites and detoxification channels to promote cleansing and healing.

How all can you do it? (specific massage, dry brushing, etc)

The best way to move/ pump the lymphatic system and promote lymph fluid circulation is via deep breathing, Lymphatic massage, laughing, staying hydrated , and exercise, specifically rebounding.

Are there benefits to lymphatic drainage? What?

Yes! It enables complete and proper detoxification. Stimulates and supports a stronger immune system to fight infections, eliminates organ and fluid stagnation, and flushes/reduces bloating and fluid retention. A congested lymphatic system is the #1 cause of human disease!

Are there any studies to show these benefits?

Tons! Modern research has repeatedly linked lymphatic congestion to multiple diseases and cancers.

Is  lymphatic drainage necessary, and if so, for who?

Everyone will benefit from moving and draining their lymph. This is an essential part of detoxification and health. A stagnant pond breeds bacteria and disease, so does a congested lymphatic system.

Are there any risks associated with it?

No! Lymphatic massage is very gentle and can be performed on people of all ages and conditions outside of certain pregnancy complications, bone fractures or broken joints. Please take precautions while exercising, particularly rebounding which, due to the jumping nature of the sport, can be more risky if not utilized responsibly.

What else should readers know about lymphatic drainage?

That it is essential for health and wellness. Most testing and analysis is done on the blood of a patient, when in most people, the true signs of disease are most apparent in the lymphatic system and health is dependent on how effectively the lymphatic system if flowing and flushing out waste.

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