We don’t sell ads. We craft a strategy for our advertisers, creating multiple touch points for our advertisers with their potential customers.

Available in both print and digital formats,  our magazines deliver targeted, thought-provoking, entertaining content. The magazine is an smooth read, loaded with tips and inspiration to help us create the life we want with direct leads to more online content. We learn from the best of the best — and live life better

The publications enlist local experts to share their thoughts, opinions and insights on a broad range of topics which comprise a significant portion of the editorial content in print and online.

The full-color magazine is segmented into sections, which gives the publication a niche focus and easy read in print and digitally. This distinctive strategy allows our advertisers to maximize their exposure to targeted, qualified customers.

Our magazines are positioned as the foremost platform to become acquainted with its region’s leading business movers and shakers. We highlight women from various industries that meet the qualification criteria in MADE and recognize men in the community in A Few Good Men. Both sections are a full page profile with photos.

Esteemed public recognition is a powerful publicity tool for employers and employees, as well as the self-employed and entrepreneurs:

  • Employers can increase public awareness of exceptionally talented employees and reinforce their contribution.
  • Employees can use this respectful and tactical exposure to openly promote their expertise.
  • Entrepreneurs and the self-employed can strategically market their resources and promote their brand.

WOW sponsors and creates many events throughout the year which are global in nature. Partnering with WOW offers a direct route into our culture, demographic and notable society. All sponsorship packages are customized to meet a prospective sponsor’s goals. Individualized sponsorship plans are developed to meet category exclusivity, ultimately providing brand recognition, growth and improved sales.

Our magazines are mailed to senior business executives across the county in a wide range of industries. Copies are distributed to members of the various Chambers of Commerce and Women Executive Groups, local hotels, restaurants, medical offices, spas, hair salons, boutiques, private jet terminals, cruise ships as well as select locations in NYC, the Hamptons, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, The Bahamas, Newport, RI and more.

The combination of print and digital magazine editions, events and community involvement, work together to produce the most targeted and cost effective touch points resulting in direct return on investment