New England

With a few days open in the spring we took a little trip to New England to rest and check out places on our must list. A plane ride on Southwest or Jet Blue gets you to CT,… Read More

Farm to Fork

By Lauren May Malis As the “Taste of America” evolves, Americans’ taste buds are developing, too. Dynamic transformation marks today’s gastronomic landscape, and we find ourselves at a critical culinary crossroads. One path leads us towards a fast-food… Read More

The Virtues of Passion

By Margaret May Damen, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP It was the best of times:  It was the worst of times.  It was the age of wisdom;  It was the age of foolishness  — written by author Charles Dickens… Read More

The Stages of Change

By Vijay Eswaran Excerpted from Two Minutes from the Abyss Change Begins from Within You are like a magnet. When your polarity changes, you automatically attract change. Change starts from within, going out in concentric circles. The strongest pull of… Read More

Danuta Dudek

Founder and Creator of the skincare line COTARDE- Danuta Dudek shares her thoughts about business and life. The concept of freedom is very important to her personally based on her country’s (POLAND) history. It’s the subject Polish people… Read More

Tara Lordi

By Lauren May Malis The Visionary Tara Lordi has returned to the drawing board for her next big project as COO of Weedoo Boats. Tara’s vast experience in operations, technology, development and business gives her an extraordinary opportunity… Read More

Time to Thrive

By Debra K Finding Your Way to Wellbeing in a Chaotic World I believe we all have a job to do in this world. We all have a purpose and a reason for being. For a long time,… Read More

Mindful Healing

How the practice of mindfulness can help you navigate through times of healing and stress. mind·ful — conscious or aware of something. heal·ing — the process of becoming sound or healthy again. My Story When I was barely… Read More