Nikki Oden

Nikki Oden is the owner of Living Eleven Beauty Brands. Nikki is a serial entrepreneur and former wealth manager. She is a boss babe in every aspect of her life including Mom, friend and businesswoman. She is all about getting things done wether it is producing noticeable results through her skincare line ElevenSkin, relieving persistent foot pain with Foot Rescue, or keeping your lipstick within reach with her new patent pending lipstick necklace, Hickey Lipstick.   She is also the former owner of Living Eleven spas in Delray Beach, Florida and Las Vegas.

How did you get to where and who you are today?  Were there challenges?  If so, how did you overcome them?
Many challenges, being a woman, coming from a man’s world, managing money, building a brick and mortar brand and moving on to developing beauty products…

What are the most important decisions you have made in life?
To believe in me.  BE an independent woman and be able to take care of myself and not depend on anyone to take care of me….

Cutting your losses, hard decisions…there is truly only one person you can depend on…

As influencer, how do you teach others?
I love to inspire and motivate others…to give comfort that everything does not go as planned, you will make mistakes and that is how you build success. Evolution — you evolve and your business, personal life and happiness grow with that…

Where do the great ideas come from that you have implemented in your work and personal life?
Every idea or business I have created is strictly out of my personal frustration and need for what is missing in my life or the marketplace…

The dynasty of strong female’s in my family that have hands on mentored me

I come from a family of all women…basically.

My 93 year old Grandmother, the matriarch of our family inspires and leads all of the women in our family to not only be STRONG and stick together but also to create the world we want to live in.

Artist, Seamstress, Interior Designer, Architecture, Fashion,  Entrepreneur — CREATIVITY flows through our genes… we are very lucky…

What is the one thing you can share that is a must every day for motivation?
Call your mother and just laugh and talk about nothing!

Call your favorite girlfriend and talk about what you will do when you are both rich and famous! This leads to a very healthy life style.

Wake up and go to sleep to reflect and acknowledge gratefulness…

LOVE.  LIVE.  MUSIC.  Gratefulness.

WORK = NO WORK = LOVING your life and existence

What inspires you daily?
Ava Grace, my daughter.  Being the best role model and inspiration I could possibly be for her.  My grandmother, at 93 she is the classiest

Living in the moment of this journey  of building a brand that changes women’s lives and inspires women.

Savoring each moment of this journey

The thrill of overcoming obstacles and experiencing success.

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Never take no for an answer.

Believe in what you believe in

Never focus on the money. Work hard, stay focused and never focus the money, the money will come

What is the one behavior or trait that you think women should have?

What advice would you give women ?
Cultivate every single connection you are lucky enough to make.

It really is not about what you know, it is who you know.

I will never be the smartest woman in the room and I will work harder than anyone you will ever meet and I strive to surround myself with really smart people I trust

Do you have any fears?  How do you overcome them?
My fear is that I don’t take enough time for myself.  I need to learn and practice better balance for my mental and physical health. I love what I do and frequently I cannot get enough of it!:(

What is your greatest passion out of the work world?
My daughter, my family, my friends.

How do you relax?
Love to travel any where with beaches and ocean, with my friends and/or family and IF I can work a little…it is simply perfect!

Give us some insight on you — favorite foods, vacation or places to go, how do you spend a day alone?
I love to cook!!!! If I’m going out, I love a great Mexican hole in the wall, carpaccio at Tramonti is my go to favorite local meal, bubbles at Boheme is my happy place…

A day alone is a rare find.  Did I lose my phone??? If there is a monsoon and no power, I would be chill with a hundred candles, a bottle of champagne and whatever I can dig out of my freezer/cabinets!

 What is next for you?  And how will you get there?
Continuing the launch of Hickey lipstick and ElevenSkin and positioning both for the next Indie Beauty Acquisition

Anything else you want us to know?
I unfortunately lost my father 3 years ago, he was an incredibly smart and creative man that had many patents, I now have 3 patents pending on my new Hickey Lipstick, he would be so proud!  I never even thought about me having or wanting a patent and its really special for me to have this for Daddy…

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