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What is Functional medicine and why do you need it?

In functional medicine we utilize more alternative, natural based, and regenerative therapies to help us look and feel our best inside and out.

Functional or Integrative Medicine places emphasis on our bodies as a whole unit. This is very different than conventional US based healthcare that tends to be more sub-specialized. Our bodies are amazingly complex, and if placed In the right environment and supported the way it needs, can take care of itself. Functional medicine believes in restoring our bodies own natural Homeostasis, or equilibrium.

Our bodies are very complex and intricate machines, and if even one of the links in our chain is weak, it can destroy the whole chain!

In functional medicine we utilize more alternative, natural based, and regenerative therapies to help us look and feel our best inside and out. Functional medicine places much emphasis on prevention and acting and living a more proactive lifestyle; whereas conventional medicine is almost always reactive. With functional medicines we look for the root causes of our bodies biggest symptoms and utilize and incorporate healthy lifestyles to address the underlying imbalance.

Functional medicine often times investigates areas of our bodies that are often overlooked or neglected by conventional medicine providers. Such things as hormones, almost never acknowledged by conventional medicine is a huge area that can impact almost every component of our health.  With hormones being a buzz word, more recently, it is truly important to know and understand how these important substances effect not only how we look, feel, but how we age. Hormones effect every organ system in our bodies; everything from head to toe. Did you know hormones can even effect things like mood, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, inflammation, sleep, and even Digestion. This is something we will get into later…

n functional medicine because we are looking for the root cause of our problems, we often need to examine areas and things that conventional medicine fails to recognize. Thus us why advanced testing is a standard in our world. Things such as minerals, vitamins, macro and micro nutrients, food sensitivity, hormone, thyroid, adrenal analysis are all common areas of testing in the functional world. Ever, heard of a telomere? Well if you are concerned about aging, then you should familiarize yourself with it! The telomere may just be the major link between our bodies and aging! Again, this is something that is very common to be checked in the functional medicine world!

The same is true for interpreting these alternative tests and even the testing that your normal provider may test. Not all “normal” are normal. In functional medicine, we “read between the lines” and although your doctor may tell you things are “normal” they may not be! When you look at those reference ranges on blood tests, ever wonder why the range is so HUGE! That’s because these labs develop these ranges based on studies of 1,000’s of people from age 16-80! I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be compared to an 80 year old for anything! When we are trying to look at root causes for things, our blood parameters need to be optimal! So even though, the doctor may say “things are normal” they may not be!

In functional medicine, we recognize that everyones body is different. And successful healthcare can NOT be cookie cutter! There is no “one size fits all”. Conventional medicine fails to recognize this; often handing out the same prescription medicine to everyone.  We want to help educate you, the patient on the uniqueness of your own body and how it reacts to environmental, conscious, and unconscious stressors that we knowingly or unknowingly put onto it. We want to work with your genetics and your body to help combat and minimize the disease process form continuing or reverting. We aim to take measures to help promote health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life!

All our services combine traditional and alternative therapies into a successful integrative approach to health care and wellness. We focus on you as an individual, and help you address your concerns ensuring optimal Health & Wellness. We aim to have our patients, not only increase the longevity of their life, but ensure the highest quality of life. Our concierge style approach to healthcare is one that allows the provider to give adequate time and attention to know and understand YOUR body!

We in functional medicine want to help educate on your healthcare alternatives. You as the patient should be well informed on all health alternatives. Healthcare should be a 2 way street, with you and your provider conversation and listening to each other, making well informed decisions about you and your goals. Not be handed a Rx or scheduled for surgery! As a functional medicine producer we ensure that a thorough explanation as to why or how things happen or why we feel the way we do!

Come learn how functional medicine
can help you feel and look your best inside and out, and ensure a long, prosperous life!

The Power Of Hormones!

Did you know that hormones effect EVERY single reaction that goes on inside our bodies? And there are millions and millions of reactions that occur every second of everyday! When people think about hormones, they almost always only connect them to things like sex and libido. However, hormones are so important for so many areas of our health, wellbeing, and longevity. If you think about how you felt in your teens and 20’s, you probably remember feeling and looking your best, this is because that is the time in your life when your hormones are at their peak and optimal!

Hormones affect not just sex drive and libido but some of the most influential aspects of our bodies functionality. Hormones effect metabolism, energy production, regulating sleep cycles, mood, heart contractility, cognitive function, immune system function, cholesterol production, blood sugar regulation, appetite, anxiety, depression, our bodies stress response, inflammation, and SO many more things.

Most people don’t even know that we have over 10 hormones that effect how our bodies function. But most times, people only correlate hormones to testosterone or Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Come learn about all of your hormones, some you may have heard if and some you may not have heard of, and learn how, once they are optimized, you can start reversing the Biological clock!

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