Trends for 2018

5 Top Hair and Makeup Trends

If you want to stay on trend you need to pay attention. Check out these exciting hair and makeup trends for 2018 and avoid rocking a look that’s so-last-year.

We all have our favorite hair and makeup looks, but sometimes you just need to mix it up. Trying out the latest trends is the perfect way to experiment. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite.

2018 Hair Trends

Accent hair is having a real moment, and these fun trends are just a few examples:

Naturally Curly and Textured Hair

The body positivity movement is extending all the way to the hair, and more and more women are embracing their natural hair.

This can sound scary to some our most curly-haired friends because they’ve seen what happens to untamed frizz. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to enhance your natural curls. You can embrace your natural hair while looking professionally styled every day.

Rose Brown

Rose gold has been sweeping the fashion and beauty world, and it’s not stopping. Today, it’s so beloved that it’s being modified to fit every look. The latest variation is rose brown hair.

Similar to rose gold, rose brown gives a pink and metallic shade, and it’s a perfect complement to naturally brunette hair.

Dirty Blond Hair

If the metallic look isn’t your thing and you prefer more of a beachy, casual vibe, hop onto the dirty blond bandwagon.

Whatever your natural hair color, a dirty blond coloration by a hair care professional can get you ready for summer.

Hair Jewelry

Intriguing colors aren’t the only way to spice up your ‘do. For a more occasion-specific option, hair jewelry is all the rage.

Experiment with different options to find your style — basic metals, rhinestones, colored gems, whatever strikes your fancy.

How to Get On-Trend Hair and Makeup in 2018

The trends above can spice up anyone’s look, but they’re easier said than done. Sometimes it takes a professional hand to really give you the best look you can. To get the most out of all these 2018 trends, call our hair and makeup pros in Palm Beach.

2018 Makeup Trends

2018 might be young, but it’s already brought us plenty of fun trends for makeup artists and amateurs alike to try. Here are just a few of the top ones:

Gold for All

Gold is the new universal neutral of 2018. It looks great on essentially all skin tones, and it can be dressed up or down for night or day.

Gold is also versatile in where it’s used. Gold eyeshadow, eyeliner, and highlighter can be customized for any style. For a glam look, even gold lipstick is on-trend.

Bold New Eyeliner Shapes

Few makeup trends have been as talked-about lately as Tom Ford’s eyeliner at Fashion Week. Tom Ford made a statement with “thumbprint liner,” swapping out pointy cat-eyes with bold, rounded liner. But this is only one idea. Geometric shapes and thick lines are hitting the scenes, too.

Thick Lashes

The war on clumps is over. You might not want big bulbs of mascara but the trend is toward thick, bold lines in the lashes. Toss aside that lash comb and embrace the clumping.

Bold Lips

2018 is the year the bright lip makes a comeback. Bold and cheerful colors like bright red, fuchsia, and deep orange throw your lips into the spotlight. After all, what better way to showcase a smile than with attention-grabbing lip color?

Another note about lip trends in 2018 – gloss, matte, bullets, stains, they’re all fair game! Just pick the best one to highlight your hair and makeup look du jour.

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