Tara Lordi

By Lauren May Malis

The Visionary

Tara Lordi has returned to the drawing board for her next big project as COO of Weedoo Boats. Tara’s vast experience in operations, technology, development and business gives her an extraordinary opportunity as a woman in this industry. Weedoo is the leading manufacturer of aquatic weed harvesters and weed cutters. In the world today, our natural resources are valued and Weedoo seeks out solutions to preserve nature and win the fight to clean aquatic vegetation from the waterways. 

Weedoo aquatic weed harvesters are rugged machines that are designed to tackle the toughest lake weed removal jobs in the most extreme and challenging aquatic weed conditions. These compact aquatic harvesters are easy to maneuver around docks with their zero turn capability. They have the stability of harvesters several times their size because of a unique hull design which allows maximum payload and balance. Weedoo aquatic harvesters are easy to launch without the need for paved boat ramps.

The Weedoo aquatic harvester was developed over the past decade as the best aquatic weed removal machine on the market, able to rapidly transform waterways in an eco-friendly manner. They can operate in shallow, narrow, aquatic weed-choked waterways because they have an advanced, shallow draft hull design. It is Tara’s hope that she inspires more women to get into what is known primarily as a men’s industry.

Tara has been involved in a myriad of projects over the years including real estate development, design, operations and negotiations of large scale projects such as The Revel Casino with business mogul Glenn Straub.

…She believes technology will lead us to decision-
making that removes emotion and quantifies solely on fact.

Tara’s attributes the success of her projects—and her confidence in the success of anything she gets into —to a technology that allows owners to be their own visionaries. Her power is in her vision and her vast technology skills and tenacity, she can render anything for anyone. Development and design has moved into a new paradigm and she prides herself on being more of a project manager, rather than providing a single service to any project she works on to design, build and develop. She is all about empowerment as she strongly believes that individuals and companies can be bolder when they can see what they are building before it’s built. They don’t have to guess any more, as they helped design what they want. She simply paves the road for another’s vision. 

Tara, no stranger to technology, pioneered one of the first disqualification logic platforms. Well versed in artificial intelligence, she believes technology will lead us to decision-making that removes emotion and quantifies solely on facts. Technology performs best, she says, when it’s used to streamline existing processes. Technology can’t feel, love, or be unpredictable. It will do what you tell it to. Consider a decision you’ve made, and you’ll see you actually used metrics in your own brain to arrive at your conclusion. We quantify, we prioritize, we select, we research, as we make decisions every day.

Tara was born and raised in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. An avid equestrian, who rides primarily show jumpers, and plays polo, Tara has spent nearly half her life going back and forth to Wellington from New York for shows. She has ridden successfully in international competitions and is becoming a wonderful ambassador to women in polo. She has traveled all over the world advocating for women and equestrian sports. 

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